TMJ Diagnosis and Therapy

Dr. Robert Karl Jr. specializes in analyzing TMJ disorders and has extensive experience with advanced TMJ treatment. He utilizes joint imaging technology such as (MRI), and the newly developed Cone Beam Tomography (CBT) to view the condition of his patients' jaws and diagnose problems in their TMJs. By carefully analyzing the patient's bite with a mandibular positioning indicator (MPI) and using a 3-D pantographic recording to gauge jaw movements, Dr. Robert Karl Jr. can create treatment plans that address TMJ problems and ease the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder or other bite related issues.

Through advanced splint therapy procedures, Dr. Robert Karl Jr. can place his patients' jaws in their optimal positions and relax the jaw muscles. The bite splint is typically a removable appliance that is worn to ease muscle tension and/or reposition the jaws. He uses the following splint therapy options to address each patient's individual bite problems:

  • Flat arch splint appliances
  • NTI bite therapy
  • TMJ orthotic splint therapy
  • Night appliance therapy

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